Good architecture lets nature in - Mario Pei

Architecture is a frozen music – Goethe “
Our Salutations to the believers of the world. Welcome to our humble adobe. You are in our loving embrace, surrounded by the legacy of the glorious decade. The calm in the chaos, the peace in busy streets. We are more than a location. A Legend and an Experience.
We are the dream of our believers. The destination of your vision. We are the taste of tradition, made to connect the emotions of your family and friends. We are also a creative fusion of flavors, inspired by a Vivid Mosaic of world cultures.
We are your own destination, home and also your Business.
Here, Faces turn familiar and strangers return as friends. Seasons change as we watch people check in as strangers and checkout as patrons.
The place with the million memories made and more in the making.
We have served before, We will serve the future. We were there then and we are here now. In a world full of trends, we will remain a timeless classic and we will live on forever. We are the crown of your Heart. We are your FAI DESIGNERS


Our process starts with listening to our client's needs and desires to produce a truly collaborative design solution.


We are passionate problem solvers, always exploring and evaluating ideas.


We strive to achieve the realization of that vision.